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Naming, Branding, Web Design
Naming, Branding, Packing
Branding, Web Design, App


I am an experienced freelance designer with experience in creating vital marketing for new and existing brands.

What do I do. 
UI/UX Design: I began working on Mobile applications in late in 2015, and learned it takes a dedicated team who knows what to do. I help tackle logic, structural design, and flow of the app as well as present stop-gap solutions to ideas that run aground. I’m adept at gathering the proper styling for an application to ensure it does it’s absolute best in the market, although the frontal idea always belongs to the client, I have found my experience and opinion is valued by those I create with. My first mobile app was aquired by a fortune 500 company. approaching version 3.0 in year 3. formerly [defunct AFTER PANDEMIC]  My second app development is titled Drumtrax® which is a tool for learning and practicing drummers . Available widely on Google Play and the app store, but has also been moved to private downloads. I am not managing this project any longer, but it is doing well in market!


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